Hi, and welcome to The Twisted Spindle; my name is Sheryl Means and I am the Twisted Spindler, a fiber artist and I am passionate about wool, hand made yarn, and encouraging others on their creative journey. In all phases of my life I have had an inner urge to create but life situations and that little voice of doubt kept me from exploring my God-given gift. Now, having lived long enough to look backwards, I see all the ways I was accumulating skills, techniques, and most importantly the insight to express myself.

Today I am a hand spinner – making yarn by hand that I then use in my art. I have a very hard time deciding what I love doing the most – make the yarn or make stuff with the yarn. So now, I just do both. I also love showing people outside the fiber world all the wonderful things that can be done with yarn. I am also honored to be a part of THISyarn, a website devoted to helping art yarn makers and lovers find creative things to do make. This kind of education helps all of us creative makers by providing inspiration, but it also helps all the spinners, yarn shops, and fiber dyers reach a larger market. We believe that when we encourage each other we all win. If you love yarn, please visit this site and prepare to be amazed!

I’m on Instagram as @thetwistedspindle, and my Facebook page and Pinterest pages are both The Twisted Spindle.

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